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Chairman's Message

The success of Guardian Bank despite these uncertain times.

It is my privilege to place before you the Annual report of your bank for the financial year 2019-20.In the month of march this year,just as the bank was poised to post a record increase in profits & growth,India was hit by COVID-19 pandemic resulting in a country wide lockdown.The lockdown has caused unimaginable misery to all but unfortunately the worst affect are the economically weaker sections of the society that your bank serves.


Rgn. No. R.S.R.S.A. 30: RGN-015:2001-02 Dtd. 23-07-2001


The AGM of Guardian Souharda Sahakari Bank Niyamita for the year 2019 – 20 will be held on 5th December 2020 at 4.00 p.m at 139, 2nd floor, Guardian House, Infantry Road, Bangalore – 560001 and at Nava Spoorthi Kendra, Cookson Road, Richards Town, Bangalore – 560084, connecting
both the venues electronically.


Dear Members,

It is my honor to welcome you to the Annual General Meeting of GUARDIAN

Your bank has been serving the community for over 20 years now with a special focus on the economically weaker sections of our society. We have initiated corporate social responsibility programs based on encouraging volunteers to take up social projects for the benefit of the community. The program is called ‘Guardian Angels’ which aptly describes these volunteers and their efforts. In the past one year the Guardian Angels programme has undertaken 4 programs involving our staff, bank clients, members of the community, clergy, and school children. Every staff member is encouraged to get involved in this social initiative. We believe that the Guardian Angel program will bring us closer to the community we serve, and establish our identity as a bank that cares.

Your bank has once again ended the year with excellent financial results. The net profit has grown from Rs.1.9 crores to Rs.5.16 crores and the dividend amount has grown from Rs. 48.79 lakhs to Rs.2.44 Crores.The net Non Performing Assets of the bank has significantly reduced to 0.65% for the current financial year. Guardian Bank Board has proposed the appropriation of the net profits as follows:

Reserve Fund 1,29,05,334
Co-operative Education Fund 10,32,427
Sahakara Academy 2,58,107
Operational Reserve 74,85,094
Building Fund 18,71,273
Bonus to Staff at 9% 20,15,035
Dividend at 6% 2,44,24,066
Investment Fluctuation Reserve 16,30,000
Total Net Profit 5,16,21,336

These excellent financial results would not be possible without the astute leadership of the senior management team led by our CEO Mrs. Sharon Joseph, CFO Mr-Prathap George, and General Manager of Operations Mrs. Nileema Jasmine. This team is nurturing a larger team of Managers and Assistant Managers to be leaders of tomorrow. At Guardian Bank, we believe that knowledge must be shared and every employee is encouraged to teach his subordinates. There is a constant quest for innovation and creativity towards improving efficiency and enhancing the customer experience.

Your bank has received the No-Objection Certificate from the Registrar of Co-operative Societies, Karnataka, thus paving the way for our application to the Reserve Bank of India for transition to a Small Finance Bank.

Guardian Bank is in the process of implementing a new technology platform that will enable us to offer state-of-the-art Internet & mobile banking services on par with any other bank. We are expanding our client base with a special focus on the youth. Your bank is sharpening its capability in domains such as education, health care, and microfinance, where it already has considerable experience.

We are deeply grateful to every member of our staff who, despite personal risk of infection continued to work towards maintaining the banking operations throughout the lockdown, as it was an essential service for the community. Their courage and dedication must be appreciated. We thank all our members and well wishers for their continued support through the years. We specially thank our community leaders, the Archbishop, Bishops, Nuns, Priests and Pastors for their support and prayers that has made our success possible. And finally | give thanks to the Almighty for standing by Guardian Bankand helping us through every challenge.

“An investment in Knowledge pays the best interest” – Benjamin Franklin


Guardian bank believes in investing in the knowledge of our customers by giving them sound financial advice. We have made every effort to help customers understand the different aspects of banking so that they take the right decisions about their financial needs. Guardian Bank continues to go beyond banking to fulfill its social objectives and educate its members about making use of opportunities in their life. We have also gone beyond banking to take care of corporate social responsibility programs. This enables our staff to give back to society values that they have been taught and invest in knowledge through the programs they conduct.

Amendment of BYE-LAWS


Balance sheet
Profit & Loss account



Fulfill your immediate need - Best usage of Gold
|am Savitha Joy T having an account with Guardian Bank since 2012. | have three daughters who are studying and | have taken loans from Guardian bank several times for several purposes including my daughters’ education. | had borrowed from Guardian Bank in the year 2016 under the scheme Joint liability group Loan by forming a group of 5 members and took a loan of Rs.50,000/- each and have cleared the liability successfully without any default.
Catalyzing Good Deeds
The Sacred Heart Brothers are driven with a passion to serve for an equitable society that thrives on goodwill, compassion and hope. In our endeavor to give
everyone an opportunity we found education is a tool that can bridge the difference of discrimination.
God sent you
I could see my husband always in deep thought on how he could provide for his
family and I would always say to him don't worry God is there. This went on until I started to lose hope on ever fulfilling my dreams. Night and Day I would pray to
God to show mea way wherein I would be able to help my husband and in turn give my family a better life




Tennis R

receiving the award for Best Entrepreneur of the year 2018-2019 from Collin Timms, Chairman

Allan Abhinash S

receiving the award for
Trainee of the Year 2018-19
from Dr Olinda Timms, Director

Arockia Selvaraj

receiving the award for
Employee of the Year 2018-19
from Jiten Khatadia, Director

Maisie A

receiving the award for
Topper in 10th Std from
Albin Pinto, Vice Chairman

Reuben Emmanuel

receiving the award for
Topper in 10th Std from
M M Dayanand, Director

George Michael M

receiving the award for
Topper in 12th Std from
Francis | Alphonso, Director