We live in a world with fast technological change. We always strive to give the best in terms of technology to our members and customers. Our technology team has ensured that we stay updated and also ensure that the banking work goes on smoothly. We are working to enable our customers to be able to avail of internet banking.


Creating awareness among the members of the community and Institutions and reaching out to new areas in and around Bangalore was the focus that our marketing team aimed to achieve. In this process we were able to expand our reach and have received a tremendous response both in terms of increase in deposits and loans. Personalized service has been our forte and we have always excelled based on customer feedback. Another important aspect is that the banking operation does not close for lunch. The staffs work round the clock to ensure that every member who walks into the bank is taken care. We still continue to address the debt issue of teachers. There are still a large number of our members who have not been able to come out of debts completely. Fortunately this year we were able to reach out to a sizeable number of our members and also the institutions. We have a step by step scale up of process learning and learning through experience to fine tune the credit appraisal.


Many times we feel that people working in banks and offices are only doing routine work. Our staff who are our human assets are trained to transform routine work into innovative work. Our staff are our most valuable assets as they maintain the relationship between the bank and its members and customers. Prathap George, CFO and our team of highly dedicated management staff comprising of Nileema Jasmine, Vinodh Kumar and all the branch managers have ensured that we give the best in terms of customer service and enabled the bank to function well


The Board of Directors, headed by our Chairman, Mr. Collin Timms has always shown us the way to learn and impart knowledge. Their encouragement and support has made Guardian Bank the best among the cooperative banks. The professionalism of the board has been appreciated by the Auditors and Inspectors and other statutory bodies. Their advice and guidance taken from their wealth of experience has helped us in dealing with difficult situations. They have always taken time out from their various responsibilities to meet regularly and review the bank’s progress.


On looking back not only at the last financial year but also at the last twenty three years, we realize that the greatest guiding force has been God almighty. We are grateful for God’s wisdom, guidance and protection which has enabled us to serve the community keeping our goals in mind. We express our gratitude to our Board of Directors for their faithfulness and commitment in guiding us with their wisdom, knowledge and vast treasure troves of experience. You members have been the source of inspiration to help us achieve our targets and we are grateful for supporting us year after year. Someone has rightly said that the strength of an organization is its employees. Guardian Bank would not have been able to achieve its success without the hard work and cooperation of every staff member. As we look back at the years gone by we believe that the past is a great motivation for our future. We hope that we will continue to grow to greater heights with all your support and encouragement.